Welcome to the Water Care Partnership

The Water Care Partnership was formed in August 2012 and I was hired in April to oversee the partnership on behalf of Cambridgeshire ACRE. The first partnership meeting since I have been in post occurred on the 29th April 2014 at Denver Sluice with several key stakeholders managing to attend. In this meeting we reviewed some of the data that the Environment Agency has collated with regards to WFD failures. Partners are currently reviewing this data and determining if this information coincides with they already know.

This is where the role of the partnership is vital, as the data produced by the Environment Agency is based on 2009 baseline data – partners are able to offer a more up to date idea of the issues within the partnership and also identify specific locations where they believe there are problems. The partnership will next be meeting at the end of June, in which we hope to review the data of all partners and use this to start preparing a catchment plan.

The partnership is hoping to involve local communities in the partnership and assess what the priorities for their local water environment are. Therefore, we are hoping to hold some riverside walks in the summer, identifying some of the issues that can arise in the river environment and what can be done to fix these issues. These walks will be available to everyone and will hopefully provide the partnership with a different perspective and allow us to include the ideas of local communities. If this is something that you think you would be interested in, please contact me (jennifer.thomas@cambsacre.org.uk) for more information.

Any information about events will also be posted on here, so check back regularly or sign up for email updates.