Riverside Walk and Talk

The Water Care Partnership will be hosting some ‘Riverside Walk and Talks’ during September. To start with, there will be three events:

Welney – 14/9 AM

Denver – 20/9 AM

March – 20/9 PM

Depending on the success of these events more may be available at a later date.

The walk will be a gentle stroll of approximately 2 miles. It will give you the chance to enjoy your local river and we will also be discussing some the issues that rivers in general face. We will then discuss some of the more specific problems that are facing Fenland rivers and why these rivers are so important to us.

After the walk some light refreshments will be provided and this is an opportunity for you to highlight any issues that you might be aware of and find out ways that you can help protect your local water environment.

If you would like to take part in a ‘Riverside Walk & Talk’, please contact Jennie Thomas, Water Catchment Officer at Cambridgeshire ACRE (jennifer.thomas@cambsacre.org.uk or 01353 865044).

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