Ramsey Water Care project update

Ramsey Water Care

 What will the project do?

The project aims to work with the community of Ramsey to encourage it to take care of its local river – the Bury Brook/High Lode. In particular the project will concentrate on:

  • Encouraging the community (residents and businesses) to check that their grey water and foul water pipes are correctly connected to the right drains using the Connect Right campaign.
  • Encouraging the use of eco-friendly detergents and reducing the use of anti-bacterial washes.
  • Advising on reporting signs of pollution in the river.
  • Hold a community event to raise awareness of the uniqueness of the river and how
    Winding hole, Ramsey.

    Winding hole, Ramsey.

    to look after it including CCTV investigations along the Great Whyte.

  • Launching a Yellow Fish campaign – yellow fishes painted near surface water drains to deter the dumping of dirty water down them.
  • Starting a Rivercare group with Anglian Water/Keep Britain Tidy.

How will this benefit the Town?

The water quality of the river will improve resulting in a better balance of plant life, less decaying matter and increased levels of wildlife in the river.  A healthier and more attractive river will encourage the community to use it and appreciate it more. A Rivercare group of local volunteers will ensure that the river remains healthy for the future.

Who is funding this project? Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs

Who is responsible for delivering this project?  Cambridgeshire ACRE: a local charity and the Rural Community Council for Cambridgeshire and Peterborough.

How can I find our more about this project? 

Contact Rachael Brown at Cambridgeshire ACRE.

Tel: 01353 865037

Email Rachael.brown@cambsacre.org.uk.


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