The source of Bury Brook?

It has always been my intention to visit all the Parishes along the course of Bury Brook   and eventually work my way back upstream to its source.  Tracing the river back from Ramsey starts off simply; it goes through Bury, Wistow, Broughton and the two Riptons ( Abbots and Kings) with many other smaller tributaries joining along the way.

Bridge over Bury brook at Wistow

Bridge over Bury Brook at Wistow

Bury Brook downstream of Wistow Bridge










Bury Brook in Broughton

Bury Brook in Broughton


The Bury Brook waterbody boundary is as follows (as defined by the Environment Agency)

BB catchment

The source could be in one of two places from the look of this – Monks Wood near Wennington or just north of Alconbury. If you look at an OS Map you can see many tributaries and drains upstream from the Riptons and also the river itself seems to stop and start. A discussion with Ramsey Town Council last week revealed that some Councillors considered the river to extend as far back as Northamptonshire and if you look closely at a map there do appear to be water courses extending this far but how connected to Bury Brook they are I am not sure.  Hopefully as this project continues this will be a mystery that can be solved.




2 thoughts on “The source of Bury Brook?

    • Thanks Keith. It does look this way from maps and would also make sense in terms of the name of it being BURY Brook, I have has a suggestion that I should look at old maps to see where the source was before so much work was done on modifying the water bodies on the Level. Also heard an interesting talk from Iain Smith of Middle Level about the draining of Whittlesey Mere recently and he mentioned Bury Brook and the culverting of it so he may be able to confirm the source once and for all.

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