NERC Hydrological Survey: Summer 2016


Find fascinating statistics about summer 2016 rainfall and river flow in the UK  here: nerc-hydrological-survey-summer-2016


Using fixed point photography

The River Restoration Centre (RRC) has a simple, practical guide for beginners who are considering using fixed point photography  to show how environments can change over time – a useful tool for demonstrating the impact of any kind of project/work which aims to create changes in landscapes.

Find the RRC guide here: rrc_-_fixed_point_photographyv1

The Great Fen (one of our Catchment Partners)  has been using fixed point photography to show the vegetation changes taking place as one of the largest wetland  restoration projects of its type in Europe develops over time.  You can see the photos here

Summer Standing 2014 near Top Farm, Great Fen. Photos by Gary Dean, Great Fen.

Gt Fen