Water Envronment Grant (WEG)

The new Water Environment Grant scheme  is now live.  Follow this link to find the Handbook and Application Forms https://www.gov.uk/government/publications/water-environment-grant-weg-handbooks-guidance-and-forms

Grant Workshop 

 If you have a project which you think could be funded  through this grant scheme you can attend a workshop on Monday 26 26 March, from 10am – 3pm at Red Lodge Millennium Centre, Lavender Cl, Bury St. Edmunds, Red Lodge, Bury Saint Edmunds IP28 8TT . To register email CAAWFDDELIVERY@environment-agency.gov.uk

Below is a summary of all that I have gathered over the last few months about this new grant fund and a link here to a presentation from the Environment Agency.

Water Environment Grant: summary of fund to date (end Feb 2018)


  • Multi million fund over three years , 100% grant, no match required, no minimum or maximum limits set yet .
  • EA/NE responsible for administering and advising upon who should receive the grant and monitoring project progress  – RPA is granting body
  • Most likely this will be the only call for applications
  • Claims will be retrospective, can claim up to 4 times a year

Likely timetable:

  • Workshop for this area 26 March
  • Unsure when open for applications
  • Eligibility assessment: June
  • Prioritisation: July-Aug
  • Grant issue: Aug 18

Projects must:

  • Either improve SSI/SAC etc. or address a WFD issue for NAG
  • Be in channel work, have a schedule of works in place, clear outputs/outcomes
  • Be in catchment plan
  • Be value for money
  • Be deliverable straight away
  • Be able to state km of river improved and/or elements improved
  • Have permissions in place(or at least partly processed)
  • Have full cost details (evidence will need to be supplied) & payment milestones in place

Other info:

  • Revenue funding: unclear but did say that there is no cap on funding for staff time
  • Projects will be looked favourable if they are building on previous work on tying in with existing projects and provide multiple benefits
  • Feeling at CABA conference was that larger projects with a big spend will be favoured
  • IDBs can apply