Catchment Based Approach

What is the Catchment Based Approach?

The 2017 evaluation and monitoring report of Catchment Partnerships across the country can be found here 


The Catchment Based Approach (CaBA) is a way of involving local stakeholders and communities in protecting and enhancing their local environment. A pilot scheme to look at the Catchment Based Approach was launched by Defra in March 2011 and it was rolled nationally to other catchments in 2013.

Cambridgeshire ACRE are the catchment hosts for the Water Care Partnership and administer the partnership.

What are the Key Aims of the Catchment Based Approach?

  • To deliver positive and sustained outcomes for the water environment by promoting a better understanding of the environment at a local level
  • To encourage local collaboration and more transparent decision-making when both planning and delivering activities to improve the water environment
  • To contribute to the second River Basin Management Plan (see WFD for more information) and its implementation

Adopting this approach will lead to the development of a more appropriate River Basin Management Plan, which underpins the Water Framework Directive (WFD). The approach will also provide a platform for engagement and discussion to highlight the main challenges within the local catchment.


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